Saint Louis City Punks - Walk Among Us

Who We Are

Saint Louis City Punks (SLCP) is an independent supporter group (SG) for St. Louis CITY Soccer Club (CITY SC). Our goal is to foster an inclusive, positive community around CITY SC soccer.

Connecting with other fans in the soccer community is a great way to remind each of us that we are not alone. We're here to lift each other up, bring awareness to mental health & suicide prevention, and have fun at matches, concerts, and other community events.

Official SLCP Merch

On game day, SLCP Merch is available at the pre-game tailgate including: stickers, buttons, t-shirts, patches and a few other branded items.

SLCP is working to establish itself as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Be sure to ask the SLCP member at the merch tent about our charity partner. All proceeds for regularly available merch goes to a charity focused on mental health and/or suicide prevention.

Logo Sticker & Button

Riot Grrrls 4" sticker

SLCP Mixtape Sticker

Code goes to Spotify playlist

Limited Edition Band-Inspired Stickers & Buttons

Do you like Punk music? Check out the SLCP Mixtape on Spotify.

Shuffle for the best listening experience.

The best part about St. Louis soccer is the larger SG community. If you're curious about who will be filling the North End at CITY SC games during the 2023 season, check out more information about the groups around town.