SLCP leaders, members and friends participated in the AFSP Community Walk in 2022

SLCP is Community

SLCP was created with the concept of community in mind. Our existing members mostly reside in the St. Louis metro area (and we even have a few Punks in other places throughout the US). 

We are a group of new and old friends who are always happy to welcome other folks to our sorta weird, sorta cool group. We love soccer, music, and care about the culture and community that surrounds us.

SLCP Circle Pit

Get to know more about the Punks leadership below.


SLCP Founder | CEO

What I Do: Social Media, Membership Communications, General Planning, Financial & Merch Management


SLCP Founder | SLCP Riot Grrrls Founder | SLCP HR/PR

What I Do: Web, Communications, Planning, Brand alignment, Merch Management


SLCP Founder | Flag Guy

What I Do: Wave SLCP Flags, Design SLCP Graphics and Merch, General Planning & Support


SLCP Founder | Bizness Guy

What I Do: Communications Support, General Planning, SLCP Business Planning & Operational needs


SLCP Officer | Recruiter Extraordinaire

Fleur de Noise - Capo

Chris Z.

SLCP Officer | Tifo Engineer


SLCP Officer | Voice of Reason


SLCP Officer | Riot Grrrls Leader


SLCP Officer | Designer Extraordinaire


SLCP Officer | Internet Scoops